Travel Outfit

The longer the flight, the more comfortable your pants should be! Pull up pants are soo great. I love that they are comfy but can still look cool and classy. These are my very versatile green pull up pants from #express you've seen me post these pants so much in the past month. Love them! … Continue reading Travel Outfit


Plus Size Fashion

Here are some plus size fashion looks that i have put together, Keeping in mind some of the following Do's Do: For minimizing: Use darker colors. Ex. If you wanted to minimize your hips, use a darker bottomed skirt or pant. Have fun with lighter colored top, if you wanted to minimize your chest area-wear … Continue reading Plus Size Fashion

Black Jumpsuit

For me it was hard to find.. a flattering, well-fitting and versatile black jumpsuit. I am 5'9" pear-shaped, and I often find jumpsuits to be odd fitting on my body type. The waist wouldn't fit where it should, the length would be too short etc. I always do admire how it looks on others. It's … Continue reading Black Jumpsuit