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Black Jumpsuit

For me it was hard to find.. a flattering, well-fitting and versatile black jumpsuit. I am 5’9″ pear-shaped, and I often find jumpsuits to be odd fitting on my body type. The waist wouldn’t fit where it should, the length would be too short etc. I always do admire how it looks on others.

It’s a great travel piece because some styles can be very versatile you can take it from daytime to evening with a quick switch of shoes and accessories.With black you have a lot of fun with color.


Here are 3 styles:

1- Fun Jumpsuit




2- Stylish &/Or Fun





3. Dressy







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Striped Crop Top: Wardrobe Staple

I don’t know about you.. but striped tops have become one of my  wardrobe staples… Its fun and looks very crisp and cool. Especially for summer times. It goes well with different colors, and I personally would wear them with only high wasted bottoms.

This is just one example- but I also love a nice fitting long sleeved stripe as well, that get be tucked in, and or under a blazer.

With this particular cropped style- because the neckline is high, it makes accessorizing so much easier- as it really doesn’t need a necklace. So this makes for a great travel piece as well.

Here I have paired it with : Black,Green & Teal.






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City “Get-Away” Capsule Wardrobe

Hello .. its summer time! Packing for a holiday can be so challenging. Sometimes we can over-pack or under-pack. I have been guilty mostly of over-packing! Here are some things I have learnt:


  1. PLAN
  2. Make a list
  3. Check the weather at your destination for the time that you will be there
  4. Do you plan on shopping? (If yes Pack less)
  5. What are your planned activities while there? Will there be a lot of walking etc.

For your capsule holiday wardrobe:

Do: Pick colors that go well together, you want to be able to mix and match all of your pieces.

Do: Add a pop of color and have fun with your accessories like your handbag.

Do: Walk with a light detergent so you can #rinseandreuse.




























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1 Swimsuit- 3 Ways

Here is a great way to use a really good one piece swimsuit. It’s not just for swimming anymore 🙂

It can be used with more versatility. This makes it a great travel packing piece for #minimalist #travelpacking – #wash&rewear

When choosing a versatile 1-piece

Do: Buy a simpler piece that doesnt have too many lines and stitching-

Do: Pick a solid color

Do: Choose a swimsuit that allows for a smooth flowing seamless outfit- You want it to look more like a fitted top rather than a swimsuit

Do: Buy a well-made swimsuit

This black 1-piece is from Jcrew.





1- Pair it with shorts or a skirt for a great day-time, breakfast, siteseeing outfit.

2- Pair with a sarong, beach kimono for your pool/beach look.

3- Pair with trousers or a skirt for a great dinner outfit- use a shawl or a throw.







Keep it classy ~ Keep it you


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LBS- 3 Ways

A tailored, well fitting, black short pant, is a wardrobe must-have.

It is versatile and timeless.

It is a useful #travel piece. With different tops, and layering pieces, you can create multiple looks.

Why choose a tailored LBS?

A tailored pair can go from casual, to sporty, to glam, whereas, if we chose a casual one- you can only get one look from it- which is very casual. These we can wear on a city day tour- to a glam night out partying.

I have created just 3 looks from this pant, however there are dozens more can be created. Enjoy 🙂



Vanita xx

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1 Skirt- 3 Looks

Hello Summer 🙂

Its skirt season! Although, where I live its pretty much always summer. However, all the stores get all the nice skirts during the “Summer” season.

For a minimalist wardrobe

Do: Pick 1 or 2 very verstaile colored skirts. For a minimalist wardrobe, try to pick one that can match with some of the tops you already own. So solids are a safe bet.

DO: Pick a skirt that isnt too heavily printed or pattered. Its easier to mix and match your accessories if you keep the skirt simple.

Do: By keeping your skirt simple- it will become more timeless. You can keep it around for years to come.

Do: Note, becasue you can get many looks from a great skirt, its a really good travel piece.

Do: Have fun with your skirts- keep your tops simple and spruce the outfit up with some “popping” accessories.

Do: Create several looks by changing your tops and accessories.






Vanita xx

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Travel Outfit

Hello everyone,

Travel outfits can be tricky-  firstly, with the heavy security protocols at the airport, and secondly because, while we want to be stylish and trendy, we also want to be comfy.

Here are a few things I keep in ming when putting together my travel outfits:

First and most importantly, I try to wear clothing that are #versatile and that I can re-use during my vacation- Pieces that I can mix and match with other peices to create other outfits.

I also keep in mind to not overlaod my suitcase, so I would wear the bulkier items rather than pack them- the bulkier items usually tend to be jeans and outerwear.



My outfit would depend on the length of the flight. I get cold quickly- so for flights over 2 hours long I am sure to wear socks and layers so that I am warm, for shorter flights, I wont worry too much about layering and I may even wear open toed shoes, but still never high heels (thats just me 🙂

For shoes- I almost always wear sneakers or sometimes a comfy espadrille- I like these that I got from #colehaan – not only for the comfort, but because of the ease of removal with the velcro closure.

*I never wear a shoe for the first time when travelling or even during a vacation.


I wear clothing that’s sturdy and easy to clean and care for. These white pants are from #thegap its the girlfriend jeans-

I also like wearing long pants so that when I sit anywhere, my legs are not exposed to all the public spaces we encounter during travel-

Lastly, I like travelling with a tote bag- something thats soft and has easy accessibiltiy, for all of my travel essentials


Thank you-

Whats your travel style?

Be you best self

Vanita.. xoxo