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Essential Shoes

I have compiled a small list of the shoes that can pretty much go with anything, and serve most purposes. This list is for someone who works, goes out on evenings and does a little bit of walking either shopping of holiday-ing.

For evening wear, these color shoes will go with everything-

  • Black
  • Silver (Pair with silver accessories)
  • Gold (Pair with gold accessories)
  • Nude

For Work

  • Black flat
  • Black pump


  • Comfortable sandals
  • Flat strappy black
  • And off-course an espadrille ( i am a huge fan of these) they are light weight and so comfortable.







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Cocktail Party Outfits

Cocktail party’s are very interesting 1- because you never know who you’re going to meet and 2- because you can have so much fun with your outfit.

The general guidelines are:

Keep it classy: avoid distressed looks, like torn jeans etc.

Do: Tailored clothing- like trousers, pencil skirts, cocktail length dresses- usually knee length and jumpers.


Here are some looks: Most of these are versatile pieces that you can have fun with and create many looks from:













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Wedding Guest Outfit – Guidelines


One of the challenges my clients face, is figuring out what they should wear to a wedding. They are often times unsure, they don’t want to be over or under dressed.

Here are some things to take into consideration:

  1. The location of the wedding
    1. Is it outdoor/indoor etc. In a fancy hall or garden?
    2. The general expected temperature.
    3. What type of floor will you be standing on? Grass? Tile?
  2. What does the invitation look like? That can sometimes offer great insight as to the general “fanciness” of the wedding. Some invitations may even suggest a dress code.
  3. Is it a traditional wedding as you are accustomed to? Or something new?
    1. If its a different culture- you are generally not expected to wear what’s customary – however- if you’re up for it, its a great opportunity to experience something new, and your hosts would love that.
    2. Try as best as you can to be courteous by following some of the general guidelines- so if it’s lets say a wedding in a mosque or temple- keep your general look as respectful as possible. A great way to get 2 looks- one for the religious part and one for the party part, is to simply wear a shawl or shrug over your outfit, if you are unsure.
    3. DO NOT WEAR WHITE – lets not compete with the bride- 🙂
    4. Dress appropriately for the location and general setting- for example a summer wedding vs a winter wedding. A fancy indoor hall vs a rustic country barn.
    5. If it’s a garden wedding, don’t wear pointy heals, wedges are the safer bet.
    6. Lastly- in trying to keep with a minimalist wardrobe- If you are buying something new- make sure it’s versatile enough that you can wear it more than just once.

Here are some great versatile options that would suit almost every wedding style.





Keep it classy .. keep it you




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City “Get-Away” Capsule Wardrobe

Hello .. its summer time! Packing for a holiday can be so challenging. Sometimes we can over-pack or under-pack. I have been guilty mostly of over-packing! Here are some things I have learnt:


  1. PLAN
  2. Make a list
  3. Check the weather at your destination for the time that you will be there
  4. Do you plan on shopping? (If yes Pack less)
  5. What are your planned activities while there? Will there be a lot of walking etc.

For your capsule holiday wardrobe:

Do: Pick colors that go well together, you want to be able to mix and match all of your pieces.

Do: Add a pop of color and have fun with your accessories like your handbag.

Do: Walk with a light detergent so you can #rinseandreuse.




























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It’s Skirt Season.. How to style em’

Oh how I love a skirt outfit- comfy, stylish and so versatile. Here are some looks that i’ve put together that are casual, classy and stylish.

General guidelines:

  • With flowy skirts, try using more slim fitting blouses/tops.
  • When colorful skirts are paired with solid simple tops, it lets the skirt and your other accessories stand out.
  • With printed fabrics- you want to try to go with a solid colored top- it is far easier to match printed fabrics wtih solids like black or white, rather than trying to pick one of the shades from your fabric- which you can do- however I find it difficult to get an exact match. As with the last image here.


Fashion is soo much fun!

Keep it classy ..



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Whats your fashion style?

Finding your personal style


Hey everyone,

One of the first steps to creating your ideal “super fabulous” wardrobe is knowing your fashion style.

Has this ever happened to you? Often times most of us has a miss match of items in our closet that doesn’t add up, we stare at our closet filled with things and can’t find a thing to wear!

When you know and understand your style, you would find your wardrobe becoming more precise,and exact. Everything that your wardrobe has would be things that you absolutely love, and pairing things together becomes a no-brainer. How does that sound?

An added bonus: The monetary savings are significant, since you wont find yourself spending money on things that really don’t suit you or your style.

Finding your fashion style: How to

Have a look at these fashion descriptions and images- see which ones most appeal to you..As you will see from the images- there are slight style overlaps- For example- between minimalist & casual, preppy & classic etc.

Don’t feel that you have to commit to just 1… afterall-fashion is meant to be fun. However- the idea here is to minimize our wardrobes and be honest.. be honest with who we truly are, what suits us and our general lifestyle. The way we realistically spend the majortiy of our time.

Maybe you see something new that you would like to try, make a note of that- go out try things on- see how the style works on you. Look at your closet try putting things together differently, Accessorizing differently etc.

Another idea is to find inspiration from a celebrity or someone you admire, or just images from pinterest, pay attention to how they dress and why their style appeals to you. Is it the color of the clothing? The accessories? The fit?

Create a board, pull images from magazines etc.

Eventually you will notice a specific style from them .. a certain color palette a certain silhouette.

Style Inspiration

  • Bohemian
  • Glamorous
  • Edgy
  • Preppy
  • Minimalist
  • Classic
  • Casual
  • Romantic

Bohemian: Very colorful, playful patterns, lace, fringes, flowy, vintage. You like brands such as free people & lucky brand.


Glamorous: Deliberate, StandsOut, Luxurious, Makes a Statement

Edgy:Leather, Studs, Sharp, Bold, Risky


Preppy: Conservative,Think Gossip Girl, Feminine, Pearls, J.Crew, Ralph Lauren, Tommy Hilfiger.


Minimalist: Conservative, Less-Trendy, Classic, Comfy, Easy, Few Colors. Uniqlo, H&M, American Apparel.


Classic: Silk, Linen, Suits,Tailored, Conservative, Classy! Zara,Massimo Dutti, Aritzia.

Casual: Cottons, Loose, Comfy, Flats. Gap, OldNavy, H&M

Romantic: Pretty, Pastels, Frills, Flowers. Ann Taylor, Zara, Bloomingdales, Dillards.


Thank you..Hope you found this useful.

Be your best you..