Fashion Advice

Wardrobe Makeover-Part 1

Hello everyone- its a new year and a great time to do a closet makeover. A nice way to start the new year don’t you think? The first step is to do a closet cleanse. The closet cleanse: A clean closet means less frustration and more time. The process: removing all unwanted, unworn and unloved […]


Winter Dressing

Dressing for winter can be a little bit challenging at times.. After living in Canada for a couple years I finally got the hang of it .. and its all about – layering! layer layer layer. My biggest challenge was dealing with the super cold outside and the super hot once you got inside a […]


What’s your skin undertone?

Hello everyone, Ever wonderered why some things, or rather some color of things look so much better on someone else then it does on us? Its all in the undertone! Undertones can be warm, cool or a mix of both. For each some colors are more suitable and more so more complementary. Here is how […]