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What’s your skin undertone?

Hello everyone, Ever wonderered why some things, or rather some color of things look so much better on someone else then it does on us? Its all in the undertone! Undertones can be warm, cool or a mix of both. For each some colors are more suitable and more so more complementary. Here is how […]


The Bra: A how to tutorial.

Hello everyone, I think every outfit should start from the inside out. So this brings us to the “Bra” I have been getting lessons over the years from various bra fitting professionals, In Lisbon, Paris, London, Canada to name a few. A proper fitting bra, not only gives your outfit the proper look, it also […]


Mystery Blogger Award

Hello all, this was such a great surprise, getting nominated for this award by Anushka Hazra. Thank you, thank you, thank you Anushka, really nice to be noticed 🙂 Anushka’s blog : Vogue & Vibes  resonates with me as it’s the perfect combination of everything fashion, makeup & travel. Check it out!       […]


Edinburgh: Architecture

Hello everyone, One of the things I really enjoyed about Scotlnd, was the architecture. From what I learnt- and could see as well- the arcitecture has pretty much been maintained through decades- throughout the city and in most of the residential areas that I saw. Except offcourse for the new businesses in the suburbs such […]


Museum Day OOTD: Aga Khan Museum

Vacation time activities: A day at the museum. The Aga Khan Museum showcases Islamic artifacts. For this OOTD: Weather: Humid Clear Summer Day Top: #Aritzia- white cropped Murphy blouse. New Arrival Bottom: Aritzia- #Babaton Skort. Looks like a skirt from the front- looks like shorts from the back. Spring season- currently on sale. Shoe: Espadrilles […]