Entertaining can be magical, you get to create an escape for your guests. Why not create an environment where they feel pampered and cared for.

That look on your guest’s faces when they walk in, and they see all the effort you have put, in putting together this special evening for them- priceless! And oh so worth the effort.

Some key things to remember:

*Ambience – use fresh flowers and other special added touches.

*Scent- Use scented candles in your bathroom and living space.

*Comfort- Take some time to find out the things that they enjoy. The drinks they have- the desserts they enjoy, any allergies, any vegetarians ? etc.

Pick a theme for the event.

This helps to give direction, and keep us focused.

Write your menu down. Its so easy to forget things in the refrigerator, then remember only at the end of the meal.

A theme also lends ideas for the decor.

For the table top:

Invest in a matching set of place mats.

A table runner is a great little touch, to add some color and your personality to the table.

Fresh Flowers – a great addition that adds an extra touch of elegance to your tablescape.

Simplify, so you can spend more time with your guests. Lay everything out that you might need. Choose your wines, your glasses, cutlery, bottle tops etc.

A great little tip is to have both red and white wines, regardless of which matches the meal you are serving.

For a more personalized evening, when you invite your guests, ask them what they enjoy drinking, Nothing makes a guest feel more welcomed and cared for, than when you fill the evening with things they enjoy.

A nicely scented candle, and some greenery. If you can definitely go for real plants, if you can.

Some extra added fun touches, a warm welcome and seating cards.

Memories of Italy, and beautiful napkin rings. Bringing the outside inside, mint leaves as decor then used in the water goblets when water is served.

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