face mask updated

Hello Everyone,

Face masks are here for a while. It’s trending, it needs to be treated as a new and impotant fashion accessory. However, it can be improved upon to make it a bit more user friendly.

Most inconvenient is having to:

  • Remember to take it with me every day.
  • Constantly having to take it on and off for the most mundane things, like drinking water (in a public space)
  • Having to put it in and out of zip lock baggies.

It dawned on me, just as I have my glasses on a string why not have the masks on a string.. or pretty ribbon πŸ™‚ See I am one of those who runs out the car for shopping, then just as swiftly have to run back to the car for my mask! I guess the concept is still growing on me- mind you earrings and perfume has been around for a long long time and I still forget those sometimes πŸ™‚

This way could prove to be more hygienic – instead of resting it on random surfaces or just sticking it in a handbag or pocket.

Makes the mask so much more user friendly and efficient and let’s face it.. way more fun πŸ™‚ Have fun designing, the sky is the limit. Here are some ways that I have done them up. Enjoy.

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