Home Hair Color: Tips

Hello everyone,

After two months, and some awfully unwanted grey hair, I have decided to take the plunge and do a home hair color. I was seriously beginning to wonder if, i did leave it to just grow out IF i would have any black hair at all!!

I have done them in the past, but not for a long time. Mostly because I find it messy, and I question the effects it may be having on my hair compared with salon brands?

Here are my tips:

  • The box color in hand. (My hair is easy- black)

  • Wear a shirt that’s either buttoned up or zipped up, something old and better yet something that’s already on its way out- torn, stained etc.. This way when you have to wash the color off you can easily remove your top without getting it messy, or if it does get messed up- you don’t need to worry as much.
  • Collect every thing that you need, towel, comb, application brush, face clean up cloth-in case you get color on your face etc.
  • Comb through your hair. This removes all to the lose strands, and smooths the hair.
  • Follow the instructions.
  • Once the color is applied set your timer.. now the fun starts!
  • So many things you can do while you are waiting for the color to set-
  • The first thing I do- Because I only cover my roots-Apply a deep conditioner to the ends of my hair.

  • Face Treatment- Such as a good face masks etc.
  • By this time you have used about 20mins of your time. Any extra time I use to clean everything up- including any leakages unto my face. I found this box color super easy to clean up from my face with just a damp cloth- I suppose maybe I caught it early enough?

Isn’t that the best feeling..rejuvenated.. thank goodness for #haircolor #loreal 🙂

Sending some

Island Love & Warmth

Vanita xoxox

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