Capsule Wardrobe: Pt.1

What is a capsule wardrobe:

It’s a “program” which helps to reduce the dreaded closet clutter.

Here is how the “program” works. You select a number of clothing pieces. Items that you already own and love wearing. They fit you well and you are happy to wear them. Usually anywhere from 12 pieces to 50 pieces. (If you go over, it sort of defeats the purpose)

The amount of pieces would depend on how long you plan on using a particular capsule.

The pieces should be versatile- easily mixed and matched with each other to produce a variety of seamless outfits.

This capsule can be used over a few weeks or a few months. It is usually focused on a particular part of your day, or the activities that you spend most of your time on. Such as your daytime activities

By no means, is a capsule wardrobe limited, to just work outfits- it is for however you spend most of your time, so if your “work” is being a full time, on the go mom- maybe you work from home, maybe your work the night shift, or maybe your days are filled with more social events- for whatever the case, we all need to get dressed at some point.

My experience:

In practicing this, my style has become more defined. I am certain of the colors that suit me, the silhouettes that suit my body type and the styles that suit me.

I have saved money, I no longer spend (waste) money on frivolous whimsical things, that I can only wear once, or pieces that really, doesn’t suit me and my lifestyle. I know what works for me. I shop more carefully, spending a little more on higher quality pieces, (the best that you can afford) that are timeless and versatile, so its worth it.

What does this mean for your wardrobe:

You have options. You can take is slow and easy, and designate one area in your closet for these pieces.. or you can dive right in and declutter! Pack everything else away and ONLY have these pieces. ( With a few pieces added in for weekend activities, work out wear etc.) We are all guilty of having a large selection of unworn items- occupying very important real estate 🙂 With less items to look over, you will be less frustrated, and you will be happier with your outfits.


The key for this to work is in selecting great foundation neutral pieces. Browns, blacks, grays, dark blue. Solids mostly as these are the easiest to mix match. A few complementary pieces and some fun accessories. Pick a color scheme that works for you.


*Time: It will give you back time, time you can spend doing more important things then say staring at your closet, lost.

*Space: Now you need to have less clothing, so this frees up space in your closet.

*Declutter: Your closet is now cleared up- important outfit-making pieces that you may have had folded, you can now hang up. Like camis.

*More Focused Closet: Your closet is now slowly going to begin to reflect you. Reflect your personal style, pieces that you love and suit you.

*New Outfits: Now that you can see everything clearly, and everything you love and use is pretty much hung closely together- your options widen. You can create many more outfits than you did before. When everything is close by, you can see right away which colors stick out, and can match well with other items you wouldn’t have thought of before.

*Update: With this cleanse and declutter and with a more focused style, definitely as you can, add new pieces to your collection. Try to focus on versatile additions that can be mixed and matched with your existing pieces to create even more “new outfits”

*SAVE MONEY!!!: Last but not least the most important of them all. Why? Because you are now seeing everything you have and have seen the many things you had that you don’t really like or use, you will be guided by your conscience and you new focused fashion style, there’s no wasting of money on items you “think” might look good, or worst yet items you think that you “might” use.

Hope you found this useful..

Thank you- visit me on IG for fashion videos. @vanitawardrobecoach

xoxox Vanita-

Remember to be kind .. 

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