Plan a relaxing holiday: How to.

We all feel the need at one time or another, to relax, with hopes of rejuvenation to face the world again. How do we do that?

@silversands Grenada

How do we make our trip as stress free as possible!

If your holiday time is short, choose a destination that has a direct flight from where you are, avoid flights with connections etc. that eat away so much time. Whats also a good idea is to pick a destination that has a short fly time. You would definitely save lots of hours, valuable hours that you can put towards vacationing and relaxing.


Spend some time picking your hotel. It’s helpful to cross reference them . Use websites such as @kayak @tripadvisor @expedia etc for rates, For the best reviews, check out trip advisor. I like trip advisor because they rate the hotels, as well as they show the guests photos. Guest photos are a better way to judge a hotel, They are more realistic.

A Relaxing Vacation: How To
The spa @silversands Grenada


Pick a hotel in an area where there are options! Options that are walking distance from you, so you never have to worry about finding things. Pharmacy, grocery, restaurants coffee shops to name a few. Also, note that hotels that are in better areas might cost a bit more, but you end up saving on taxi/uber fares. So its worth keeping that I mind when looking at that.

Stock up on some grocery items, basics- water, crackers fruits. This way if you choose to sleep in all day, you will always have something to eat/drink.

Books and magazines! Keep a few handy together with coffee & tea and whatever else you enjoy drinking, wine maybe?

Keep in mind this trip is all about you. SO make things as easy as possible for you. DONT plan things that are out of your comfort zone. Like timed events, where you are rushing around to meet people or to make it on time for something. Definitely do things.. but things that you can just show up to, like a museum or the movies. No time pressures of reservations etc.

Popular local spot- @bbscrabshack Grenada for local “gourmet” cuisine.

Hope this helps.. Enjoy.


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