Travel Packing: 5 Tips

Hello everyone, vacation time.. ohh what fun. One of the ordeals so many of us face is what to pack! I have been the victim of overpacking or simply not packing the right things. I have learnt from my mistakes and would love to share with you some of my tips.


*Very Important* : You want to check the expected weather forecast for your destination. Secondly…..

What are your planned activities? Do you plan on sightseeing? Lounging? Shopping?

For #Sightseeing trips, MUST HAVE sightseeing shoes. Comfy, already broken in shoes.

There are so many stylish options now, making it easy to be comfy and still stylish. A white pair I find goes with everything. A tote bag is also quite useful for stashing water, maps, cameras etc. I am still unsure about how I feel about the safety of using a back-pack. If you are comfortable, I think that’s a super option to a tote. They are very trendy now so lots of styles to choose from,

If you are planning to do shopping, you will want to pack less or take an extra suitcase.

Lets Start Packing..

Tip #1:

Know yourself! Do you love wearing dresses, skirts pants? Pack the things that you know you would love to wear. ~keep it you~

Tip #2

Try on. So many times we pack things and once we are ready to wear it, it doesn’t fit or look as you expected. So try on ….

Tip #3

Here’s an important one.. Try to keep a color theme. This is very useful for limiting your shoes and accessory packing. Your pieces will be easily interchangeable. For example, you may want to do earth tones, or pastels. With interchangeable versatile pieces, you will pack less as well. (more room for shopping 🙂

If you wanted to do minimal packing, you would want to avoid packing too many patterned and printed pieces as those would be more challenging to mix and match. However, an exception, a striped top in blue and white or black and white pairs well, so this can be treated as a solid.

Tip #4

Accessories play a very important role in taking your outfit from casual to dressy. A scarf, statement earrings, a belt and necklaces for example.

For accessories, silver and gold jewelry matches. So you can stick with those. A small pair for everyday and a bigger sized hoop or diamond studs. A simple necklace for both day and evening, or an additional longer one which can be layered. (The more patterned clothing you pack the less accessories you will need)

Tip #5

Shoes. Flats and/or a pair of sneakers for daytime. Your flats can be used for the night as well, a nude pair of heels is a plus and a great addition to add some style to your evening wear.

Hope you found these tips useful. If you have any tips please share them, I am always open to new ideas.

Vanita xoxox

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