Wardrobe Makeover-Part 1

Hello everyone- its a new year and a great time to do a closet makeover. A nice way to start the new year don’t you think?

The first step is to do a closet cleanse.

The closet cleanse:

A clean closet means less frustration and more time. The process: removing all unwanted, unworn and unloved clothing from your space. The intention: to have a closet filled with only wearable pieces that you love wearing. A clean closet would save you time when getting dressed and not to mention the stress of picking through trying to find things that fit and that you are happy to wear.

Things you will need:

1- Boxes

2-Lots of time

3-Optional: a trustworthy second opinion

Boxes: These we will labeled
  • Donate/Sharing- Lets try our best to not throw things out- if its clean, hole and tear free lets donate it.
  • Recycle- anything un-donate-able- let’s try to find other uses for them t-shirts can be cut up to make household cloths. They can also be used to stuff things like handbags that needs to keep its shape.
  • Store-Away/Maybe’s-, this box will be used for items with sentimental value and other goodies that you are just not that ready to part with, maybe you are hoping they would fit again one day. If after a while you haven’t thought of it or missed it its a good sign that its time to part with it/them.

This will be a tedious and painful exercise, however very satisfying. It will require time and patience. So its worth the time and effort. Do it at your own pace. Maybe tackle it in smaller batches.

Second Opinion

Maybe there is someone who you trust who has always guided you right when it comes to fashion. They understand your lifestyle and will give, and you are open to their honest opinion? This is the person you need there with you, if, you think you need a little assistance. It is especially useful for those pieces that are painful to give away, such as sentimental things- graduation dresses etc.

Before we get to it…

Try as best to understand your bodyshape- what works for you.

Your lifestyle- not imaginary but your for real lifestyle- how much of it is spent working? What does that entail- uniforms etc?

Are your after work activities more casual drinks with friends or formal cocktail parties?

What do you normally tend to wear for these function? Dresses, trousers etc?

What colors suit your skin tone.

Whats your personal lifestyle? Trends are not important, it’s what suits you and works for you that matter- ~keep it you~ 🙂

The Process:

For the major cleanse:

  1. Remove everything from your closet and drawers.
  2. Start trying on
    • A little tip * as you try on pretend that you are trying these things on for the first time and you still have the option to purchase or not. Will you still buy it?

Figuring out “The Keepers”:

  1. The fit:
    • Does it currently fit well
    • Does the color look good on you
    • Is it in good condition – no tears/holes/discoloration
    • Does it suit your current lifestyle
    • Do you feel happy wearing it
    • If its something you have never worn- will you wear it… soon? If its gone beyond a year- either make a conscious effort to wear it in the next month- if not sorry donate
    • Is it something you have worn already- but most likely you won’t wear it again?
      • Saris, graduation dresses/gowns-
      • Holiday clothing- winter jackets etc.
      • Carnival costumes- Halloween costumes
    • Tip* Some items can altered to become more useful- eg, Jeans- maybe you don’t like boot cut jeans anymore- consider making them into shorts? Long dresses can be made short.. things like that.

The Keepers go back in the closet!

Hope you found this helpful. Part 2 coming soon.

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