Winter Dressing

Dressing for winter can be a little bit challenging at times.. After living in Canada for a couple years I finally got the hang of it .. and its all about – layering! layer layer layer.

My biggest challenge was dealing with the super cold outside and the super hot once you got inside a building, lets say for dinner or for shopping… worst yest shopping when you end up having to log around heavy coats, scarves etc.

What I have learnt:

Check the weather before getting dressed- its mostly accurate- so you can depend on it-

I buy coats that are lighter in weight-

I try to wear turtle neck sweaters so i dont need an extra scarf-

I layer so that each layer looks decent and stylish should I have to remove down to the bare foundation top-

If I am taking a car to the mall lets say, I will  leave my bulky items in the car and brave the cold for a bit until I get inside-

Hope you enjoyed. If you have any tips

Please share.

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