Shopping Loot: Toronto-CA

Hello hello,

So excited for this, I did a little bit of traveling over the past few weeks- 1st stop was Toronot- Canada. I used to live there a few years back, for about 4 years. Managed to curate a list of favorite shops. You know, the types of stores where you can blindly pic anything and you know you’d love it.

I went to some of those shops and found a couple of new faves as well.

Lets get started:

#Artizia: (An old favorite) – Yorkville

I really like that their clothing pieces they are from companies such are #Barbaton.

The collections are really well made, in useful. neutral colors, and are timeless & versatile in design. Great for a minimalist wardrobe. They are easy to mix and match, and once taken care of, they will last a long time.

While I would like to wear shorts, I dont usually, but really warmed up to the idea of skorts. That’s short pant made to look like a skirt. In this case the back looks like shorts, but from the front it looks like a skirt.

1- The skort. They were on sale- so I picked them up in 2 colors- Black & Beige. Here I have used the Beige in a summery type of way, with a flowy white blouse.


Here I have used the black skort, for a colder weather application. Paired them with black stockings, and layered up with a cardigan.

Black V-neck blouse. (my early morning face 😦


2 -#SportingLife

This is your go-to store for anything cold weather and sport related.

I picked up a #barbour rain jacket (onsale) for the next leg of my trip #edinburgh with the weather i was told to expect, I wanted a bright and fun color.

Funny enough Barbour is a Scottish brand – all of their clothing has a great Tartan lining, Tartan- very Scottish. This will come in handy for my future Toronto trips as well.

3- #DutilDenim _ Queen Street West

Denim Skirt: At first, although I loved the look of the skirt, I had second thoughts. With my new found love of minimalism, that often happens, I need to be absolutely sure about the things I buy. Ended up bying it, and i have worn it atleast 5 times already! 🙂

High Waisted, Light washed pants. New to me- I have never had denim that was this white washed. *(Shown in my last pic with the Barbour jacket)

Its from a company called #apc based in Paris.


4- Sephora – Living Proof Yorkville

Really, really needed some good shampoo. So much to choose from, I ended up picking up these.  I have used them, and the results so far are just terrific! Soo much better than drugstore shampoo sheesh 🙂


Thank you so much! Hope you enjoyed.


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