The Bra: A how to tutorial.

Hello everyone,

I think every outfit should start from the inside out. So this brings us to the “Bra”

I have been getting lessons over the years from various bra fitting professionals, In Lisbon, Paris, London, Canada to name a few. A proper fitting bra, not only gives your outfit the proper look, it also helps with having better posture.

1- The first thing is knowing your size.

To do this, you need to know your band size and your cup size. Bras come in those measurements, the number represents your band/chest size and the letters represent your cup size.



1- Measure yourself or if measuring for someone else- wear an unpadded bra.

2- BAND MEASUREMENT: Measure around your body at chest level, where you bra band should sit. Keep the tape. snug and parallel to the ground.

Round you measure the nereast whole number – so lets say you meansured

32 1/4″ will round ro 32

if you whole number is an even number add 4 if you whole number os odd add 5.

So the 32 will add 4 =36

31 will add 5=36

3- CUP MEASUREMENT: Measure across the fullest part of your bust, nipple level. Now round this to the nearest whole number.

4- Now take you band measurement and subtract it from your cup measurement. This difference will give your cup size- based on this chart:

Difference in Inches: 0  1  2  3  4  5    6       7
Cup Size             AA  A  B  C  D  DD  DDD/F    G

The Fit:


Here are some bra types that we all need to have:

The t-shirt bra: Typically these bras are very simple cotton bras, with an as smooth as possible finish.

The strapless bra: This is a chore to find- but once you do its perfect! We all have had the need for one at some point in time- more so with the current off-shoulder clothing trend.

A-Tee back bra- Perfect for those items of clothing that forms and x at the back.

A wireless bra: These usually tend to be pull-over types, without a clasp at the back. These are usually softer and not padded. It doesn’t offer a lot of support, especially for cup sizes C and above.


Read your care instructions.

Either hand-wash them using a simple cleaning agent such as baby shampoo, or put them in a lingerie bag in the washing machine- be sure to clasp the bra before putting it in, so that it doesn’t get caught on anything, this can cause damage to your hook.

Thank you so much, hope you enjoyed this and found it useful. Would love your feedback.

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