Shopping loot: Edinburgh, Scotland

Hello again,

I am just back from my first visit to Scotland, it was absolutely lovely.

Some good friends of mine, invited me to visit and stay with them at their lovely home in Edinburgh. Lucky me 🙂

Did some shopping there, looked forward to getting some goodies from the UK. Here’s what I got.

1- #KikoCosmetics

There was a promo- buy 2 get 2. Bought 2 eye-shadow long-lasting sticks, a blush brush and tweezers. They are really nice as its also a bit glittery. Prior to this, I would use a brush to line my eyes with eye-shadow colors, so these were nice, its soft so it goes on easily, glides on really.

IMG_8043 2

2- #TopShop

My green bag. I have gotten so many comments on this. Someone said it looked like 1/2 of a sandwich, another person said it looked like a desk top filing case 🙂 ( I suppose it kinda does 🙂 Loveee this bag- such a great pop of color & definitely a conversation piece.

Haha it kinda does 🙂

3- #PriMark


1-Striped bodysuit

I have really been into body suits, I find it keeps an outfit very tidy, especially goes well with my high waist pants. This one fits a little blowsy as well, which i dig 🙂


2- Foundation Mixing Tray

I really needed one of these- wasn’t sure it existed, I’ve been using the top of a cleaned eye-shadow case 🙂 haha , was very happy to find this and for under 2 pounds.

3- Black Dress

This dress I have high hopes for. I love coveralls, with this one the fabric seems crinkle free, making it a great travel piece. Its lose and a great option for everyday work. Its versatile and can be dressed up or down.


Lastly Clarks:

I was soo happy that there were sales in most shops and especially for these Clarks, that were originally 69 pounds reduced to 20 pounds. I really like them- the color, the height and the weight. Its light weight, a medium to low wedge heel and a neutral color.


Thank you so much for stopping by. Hope you enjoyed my little shopping loot.


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