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Travel Outfit

The longer the flight, the more comfortable your pants should be! Pull up pants are soo great. I love that they are comfy but can still look cool and classy.

These are my very versatile green pull up pants from #express you’ve seen me post these pants so much in the past month. Love them!

This jacket I was so happy to find at #bloomingdales #bcbggeneration it’s cropped and unlined. Perfect for summer travel and for island life.

Shoes were a splurge. They are Hogan’s from #Tods. They are well made, great support. The color goes well with my wardrobe palette.

Thanks so much.



Hello, I am Vanita, an island girl, making the best of my blessings. I deliberately exist at the crossroads of minimalism and elegance. Fueled by the idea that less is, indeed more. Keeping it classy & keeping it me .. xx Meet me on instagram :)

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