Travel Outfit

Hello everyone,

Travel outfits can be tricky-  firstly, with the heavy security protocols at the airport, and secondly because, while we want to be stylish and trendy, we also want to be comfy.

Here are a few things I keep in ming when putting together my travel outfits:

First and most importantly, I try to wear clothing that are #versatile and that I can re-use during my vacation- Pieces that I can mix and match with other peices to create other outfits.

I also keep in mind to not overlaod my suitcase, so I would wear the bulkier items rather than pack them- the bulkier items usually tend to be jeans and outerwear.



My outfit would depend on the length of the flight. I get cold quickly- so for flights over 2 hours long I am sure to wear socks and layers so that I am warm, for shorter flights, I wont worry too much about layering and I may even wear open toed shoes, but still never high heels (thats just me 🙂

For shoes- I almost always wear sneakers or sometimes a comfy espadrille- I like these that I got from #colehaan – not only for the comfort, but because of the ease of removal with the velcro closure.

*I never wear a shoe for the first time when travelling or even during a vacation.


I wear clothing that’s sturdy and easy to clean and care for. These white pants are from #thegap its the girlfriend jeans-

I also like wearing long pants so that when I sit anywhere, my legs are not exposed to all the public spaces we encounter during travel-

Lastly, I like travelling with a tote bag- something thats soft and has easy accessibiltiy, for all of my travel essentials


Thank you-

Whats your travel style?

Be you best self

Vanita.. xoxo



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