Fashion Basics- Understanding Color

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Hello everyone,

A basic understanding of color, is a  great building block to creating your “super fabulous” wardrobe.

  • How colors work together
  • How to choose colors to mix and match
  • Flattering ways to use them for your body type
  • MOST important- which colors suit your skintone.

The benefit to understanding color, is that it helps us use more of the clothing pieces that we already have. We become more creative and are able to see more versatility in our clothing.

>>>>> This results in us needing less things, and saving more $$$ 🙂

Here are some helpful guides for using colors-

Monochromatic Colors >>> Outfit

A monochromatic outfit, is one where, all of the pieces of clothing in your outfit, consists of shades of the same color. “Mono” = ONE & “Chromatic” = COLOR

Putting Together A Monochromatic Outfit:

1-Choose a color that you want to wear, a color that loves you back :)-  it complements your skintone and you feel comfortable and fabulous in it.

Some easy go to colors are:

  • White
  • Black
  • Grey

2-For interesting visual contrast- mix textures… Such as..

  • Suede & Cotton
  • Knits & Leather
  • Denim & Chiffon
  • Leather & Cotton
  • Suede & Silk
  • Wool & Sequins
  • Knits & Denim





Screenshot-2018-4-6 Vanita Wardrobe Coach ( vanitawardrobecoach) • Instagram photos and videos(1)


*Tip- Petite Women- this is especially flattering and encouraged for your body type Because you are wearing the same color throughout, there are no breaks in fabric or color so it elongates your body.

Analogous Colors


 These colors sit adjacent to each other on the color wheel, you can safely group 2 to 3 colors together-once they are next to each other, to create a harmonious analogous outfit-  *Which can also turn out slightly monochromatic.

Putting Together An Analogous Outfit

  • Choose a color on the color wheel- keeping in mind a color that loves you back.
  • Depending on your body type and shape you want to keep the darker of the shades on the part of your body that you would most want to minimize. So lets say you were picking red violet and red- and you are pear-shaped and wanted to minimize your hips then you would keep the red violet as your skirt/pant and the top in the brighter color > the red.
  • Now remembering that we can  choose 2-3 colors – for some visual interest & for a pop of even more color, you can do a violet heel or handbag or both.






Complementary Colors:


Complementary colors are those that sit opposite each other on the color wheel. Example- red & green.

Putting Together A “Complementary Color” Outfit

The Top: This needs to be well thought of and picked to suit your skin tone- as this is the piece that is closest to your skin- your face & arms.

The Bottom: This will be the opposite color on the color wheel- keep in mind the parts of your body that you wish to minimize etc. So if both colors suit you- wear the darker color clothing on the part you wish to minimize and vice versa.

Accessorize: Have fun mixing and matching- your jewelry-  nude shoes work great!

How to handle clothing with multiple colors:


This can be quite confusing-

For example lets say you had a plaid shirt or a multi colored floral skirt or polka dot pants  its safest to match these items up with their solid counterpart- So if it’s a floral skirt pick one of the colors from the print or simply match it with something white or black depending on the base color of the print- If its hard to tell what the dominant color is- take a step back and look at the piece a dominant color should present itself.

When in doubt match with denim- blue/black or black pants and always with nude shoes- the easiest go to.


Thank you- hope this helped

Be your best color cordinated self!






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