Whats your fashion style?

Finding your personal style


Hey everyone,

One of the first steps to creating your ideal “super fabulous” wardrobe is knowing your fashion style.

Has this ever happened to you? Often times most of us has a miss match of items in our closet that doesn’t add up, we stare at our closet filled with things and can’t find a thing to wear!

When you know and understand your style, you would find your wardrobe becoming more precise,and exact. Everything that your wardrobe has would be things that you absolutely love, and pairing things together becomes a no-brainer. How does that sound?

An added bonus: The monetary savings are significant, since you wont find yourself spending money on things that really don’t suit you or your style.

Finding your fashion style: How to

Have a look at these fashion descriptions and images- see which ones most appeal to you..As you will see from the images- there are slight style overlaps- For example- between minimalist & casual, preppy & classic etc.

Don’t feel that you have to commit to just 1… afterall-fashion is meant to be fun. However- the idea here is to minimize our wardrobes and be honest.. be honest with who we truly are, what suits us and our general lifestyle. The way we realistically spend the majortiy of our time.

Maybe you see something new that you would like to try, make a note of that- go out try things on- see how the style works on you. Look at your closet try putting things together differently, Accessorizing differently etc.

Another idea is to find inspiration from a celebrity or someone you admire, or just images from pinterest, pay attention to how they dress and why their style appeals to you. Is it the color of the clothing? The accessories? The fit?

Create a board, pull images from magazines etc.

Eventually you will notice a specific style from them .. a certain color palette a certain silhouette.

Style Inspiration

  • Bohemian
  • Glamorous
  • Edgy
  • Preppy
  • Minimalist
  • Classic
  • Casual
  • Romantic

Bohemian: Very colorful, playful patterns, lace, fringes, flowy, vintage. You like brands such as free people & lucky brand.


Glamorous: Deliberate, StandsOut, Luxurious, Makes a Statement

Edgy:Leather, Studs, Sharp, Bold, Risky


Preppy: Conservative,Think Gossip Girl, Feminine, Pearls, J.Crew, Ralph Lauren, Tommy Hilfiger.


Minimalist: Conservative, Less-Trendy, Classic, Comfy, Easy, Few Colors. Uniqlo, H&M, American Apparel.


Classic: Silk, Linen, Suits,Tailored, Conservative, Classy! Zara,Massimo Dutti, Aritzia.

Casual: Cottons, Loose, Comfy, Flats. Gap, OldNavy, H&M

Romantic: Pretty, Pastels, Frills, Flowers. Ann Taylor, Zara, Bloomingdales, Dillards.


Thank you..Hope you found this useful.

Be your best you..


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