Packing-“Light & Precise”- P1- The Toiletry Bag


On travel Packing:

It really depends on how you like to travel- light or heavy, and sometimes, more so -it depends a lot on what your airline allows you to take  on a flight i.e luggage weight, amount of pieces allowed etc.. you know what I mean 🙂

Are you an Over-packer? Under-packer?

Over the years my style of travel and packing has gone from over- to under to now becoming a little more precise.

For me I prefer to travel light, however… it depends on where I am going,

If I am going to a city where I will be shopping- I will pack lighter and more versatile for sure- (So I have more space to pack the things I buy) .

If I am doing an island trip or a trip where I don’t expect to do much shopping or any at all- I will pack a bit more, since for sure I don’t want to run out of anything or not have things-

  1. It can be more costly to buy
  2. You may not find it..

So for the next set of  posts I will focus on packing light & precise.

Part 1

Cosmetic & Toiletries

*** Tip***

Save up all of your free samples from sephora or alta etc. to use in your trips. They give tons of great samples- moisturizers, body creams etc. Whats the best to travel with is sample perfume- as perfume bottles can be soo heavy to travel with. I save my samples in a box- so they are easy to find when I need them.




During the year or months before you trip- when you have gotten to 3/4 empty bottles of things like foundation- save it for your travel- this way you can just toss the bottle by the end of your trip.


Try to pack makeup palettes that have the most amount of usable colors- you may be lucky enough to find one that has a blush, eyeshadow & highlighter.

Screenshot-2018-5-14 Backtalk Eye Face Palette - Urban Decay Sephora
Urban Decay- Sephora


Makeup Brushes- I have found a great set of double sided makeup brushes that are actually really good as well- they are from sephora and its 10 brushes in just 5! They are light weight and a good length.



Hair: Call ahead to find out what your hotel has to offer with regards to toiletries, shampoo, hair dryers etc. This way you aren’t packing, lets say, a blow dryer when they have a decent one in every room. (That’s over-packing) I know the hotel shampoo isn’t that great- in this case you think about taking  shampoo and conditioner in a travel sized, squeezable, bottle.


If you are packing light and plan on re-wearing items- pack some laundry detergent in a zip lock bag so you can do some light washing. Orrr you can get travel sized packages like this one ..



Thank you.. Please share your travel tips.. I am always looking ..



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