Dressing the pear shaped body.

We see different fashion trends pop up almost every day, now, it isn’t always easy to adopt some or most of these trends, as most trends aren’t for everyone, and some fashion houses create style …. just … for the red carpet:


This is why its so useful to understand what works for you, and filling your wardrobe with those classic “you trends” what will forever trend for you.

Here’s a 6 step guide to finding all those flattering pieces for the pear shaped body.

With a pear shape.. your upper body is smaller than your lower curvy body.

Finding clothes that will flatter your pear shape is simple once you know what styles to look for and which to avoid.

 Some general guidelines:

 1- Tops


  • Tucked in blouses/shirts-
  • Patterned tops are good for keeping the focus on your upper body.
  • Strapless shirts
  • Shirts with wide necklines/boat-necks and scoop necks
  • Sweetheart
  • V-necks
  • Tops can be belted and left to flow over your waist line.
  • Off-shoulder.

Something to keep in mind: When picking tops/shirts.. there needs to be the right balance of loose and tight. Tops should be loose at the top, bust area, then slimming to the waistline, it can be tucked in or left to fall over your hips.This waill help to accentuate your waist, while balancing your top- shoulder bust area with your hips.


Sleeve length.

If you are conscious of your arms- long sleeves are fine as well as short sleeves or armless if you want to flaunt them.


2- Outerwear

Hemlines are very important with your jackets. Keep the hemline above your hips. This creates a great flow and doesnt make your hips & thighs look larger.

  • Bomber Jackets.
  • Jackets with a gathered waist band.
  • Cropped styles.
Cropped Jacket: asos.com

3- Dresses

Just as with your tops & blouses, your dresses should follow the same pattern. So blousy an top. can be off shoulder, sleeveless, armless, halter etc. while keeping the bottom as slimming as possible. So an A-line style, is great, the trick to think is the length, you want to keep the lenght below the knee, this will help to elongate and slim your hips and thighs, a shorter length will empasize and accenuate your widest part- your hip.


Dresses that are too form fitting all over will accentuate your hips as well. However, a bit form fitting at the top is good, slender at the waist then a slight loseness beyond your waist is good, this dress style will be best as a mini or below the knee.





4-Jeans & Pants

Mid-High waist pants & jeans are great. These help in giving the pear shape a more balanced look. Jeans that sit on the hips should be avoided- what that does is accentuate the hip giving your body a greater imbalance- Avoid bulky pants- like those with too many pockets or bulkiness on the pockets. Boot leg pants are great too- this elongates the body. Be careful to wear the appropriate shoes for the length of pants that you have so that there is no dragging and bubbling of fabric- this will defeat the purpose of elongating your body.


  • Pencil Skirts
  • Minis
  • Fit & Flares that fall below the knee



You can wear all accessories- Bracelets, rings, necklaces. With this, you also want to keep balance. So don’t wear a busy top with busy jewelry. If you are wearing a simple black armless top for example- you can wear large earrings with a large bracelet and ring- but you don’t want to wear large earrings, chain bracelet and ring. Adding a statement necklace or earrings draws the eyes up- taking the focus away from your hips.

Thank You & Cheers to your best self



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