How to: Skin Undertone

Skin undertone is very important, it will serve as a great guide for selecting clothing, makeup and haircolor in colors that will work best for you.

The two major undertones are:

1-WARM > your undertone tends to be yellow, peachy, golden.

Colors that work well for your wam undertones are:

Earth tones >Such as reds, oranges, yellows and olive-greens.

2-COOL > your undertone tends to be pink, red or bluish.

Colors that will work well for you cool undertones nare:

Jewel Tones > Blues, purples and emerald greens.

A neutral undertone would be one that has a bit of warm and cool.


Here are 2 of the quickest ways to figure out your undertone:


Check the veins on your arms.. what color is it? If its green you are WARM if its blue you are COOL. FYI: your green veins arent actually green- they just appear so as they are being seen through yellow toned skin- making them green.


What metal do you find looks better on you? Gold or Silver? If gold then you are WARM. If silver then you are COOL.


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Thank you..

Cheers to your Best Undertone


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