Building your concise wardrobe.


In my last blog I spoke about clearing out your wardrobe, how to determine what are keepers etc. Keeping a healthy minimal wardrobe…

Now that we have gotten rid of things and made some space in our wardrobe..

Imagine for a moment that we have an empty closet that we need to fill, and a nice tidy budget to spend…How will we go about filling it?

Here are some guidelines:

*Each wardrobe will be built based on your lifestyle- 
Your profession, your extra curicular activities etc.


Your Wardrobe Essentials these are great no matter your lifestyle.

When buying these pieces, buy them to suit YOUR personal body shape. Every shape is different, what works for one will not work for all.

Find the most flattering pieces for you, For exaample your black pants, you need to look at the fit-the length, where it hits your body, waist vs hips etc, the fabric, does structure suit you better like linen or do you need softer easy falling fabrics. With wardrobe essentials we want to keep it simple-stay away from trends- it also needs to be versatile- so something you can take from work to evening quite easily. Something you can easily take on a trip and get mulitple looks from it.

These essential  item are pieces that you want to spend on,they are classic and if well kept that will age well. Consider taking them to the laundry.


Other items:

Now that we have our essentials- lets keep in mind we do not need to have more of the same- keep in mind minimalism- so for example we do not need 2 black blazers – 1 is great!

Lets stay away from costly trendy items- trends come and go- some barely last- some take on a life of its own and goes and goes -like rompers & jumpers 🙂

Everyone enjoys a new piece a clothing from time to time- and some trends are just soo darn hard to resist-  what you need to recognise is, is it just a trend, or somethng that has returned from the past- bell bottoms- ex.

Some pieces that has done that tend to be classics and not just a trend- what makes the difference is how its paired. the blouse accessories etc. which modernizes it.



Buying Trendy:

  • Find less costly options.
  • Great affordable stylish options from H&M, Zara, Mango
  • Still try to keep it as simple as possible. When clothing is simple, its so much easier to get more looks from them, because they are easier to mix and match and style.
  • Dont buy more than 1 in the same trend- unless ita a classic. Like an off-shoulder top- again, keep it simple.
  • Make sure it is a trend that is appropriate for you.
    • Age, personality & style.
Please dont!
  • Buy only those pieces that you need and will use- for instance- if you dont work in a profeesional office enviroment and dont wear work styles- dont buy it because its nice, or pretty or trending- you will regret it & you will toss it.

Other Must Have’s

  • Skirts are great! When choosing them keep in mind your best fit-
  • A pencil skirt is classic and it suits almost every body shape/type. Solid colors are always a great choice, keep it simple- easy to mix and match.


  • Denim skirt- great- wears well, ages well and almost always in style. a great alternative to jeans. Blue/Black or White are classic colors.


  • A-line Skirt – this is great for evening or day time- A high waist is good ont this- very flattering and easy to wear belted with a top tucked in.


  • Leather- skirt, pants or leggings, stick with black-a great add on- if it’s your thing. Its a great evening piece with a silk top looks very effortless but stylish. Find one that fits well- Not something i would spend alot on- try to get in on sale or better yet faux leather! Keep it hung properly and not in a heated enviroment as it cold crack, peel etc.


Classic Easy Tops

These are those tops thats easy to wear- not too fussy but yest stylish- they can be assceorized simply or dramatically- what also makes a difference is what its paired with.

  • Cold Shoulder
  • Halter
  • Off-Shoulder
  • Sleeveless
  • Strapless
  • Camisole
  • Stripe- goes well with all solid colored bottoms.
  • Chambray Shirt – MUST HAVE- these go well so everything! I will do another blog on this.
  • Kimono- a great piece that can add alot of flare to a simple outfit.

Shawls & Scarves

A great useful accessory. Used to keep up warm in a stylish way- to dress up an outfit or to camouflage body parts ( like arms )

We dont need alot but just a few well chosen pieces that if not solid, comprises colors that will go well with our wardrobe.

There are many types of materials used for scarves and shawls- silk, cotton, fleece etc. Silk is nice when usign to accessorize your outfit,its easy to manipulate over your body, as a head scarf, a waist band or around your neck. Cotton will also give you the versatility, it will also privde warmth,fleece, yes for warmth for sure.  Silk would be a bit more high maintainance, so you would want to wear it sparingly and appropriately. An Hermes Scarf- an investment- but defintely a classic that would never go out of style.

A few of my favorites:



Depending on how ofter you wear shorts- one or 2 tailored ones are great to have. A black, white and a colored one is nice to have.


Thank you & Hats off to the Best You!



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