The Concise Wardrobe.

Welcome back!

This has to be one of my favorite topics… As its an on-going project for me.

As I have gotten more certain of my style and my body, I am able to know and understand what my wardrobe needs and what it can do without.

Whats your body shape?

I swear, I have things that have been too small for me, since 5 years ago….And it still doesnt fit!!.. sheesh. OUT it (now) goes.

What was my delay?  I really wanted things that were in great condition to find a good home. I try so hard not to waste things. Now that I have found a local thrift store- makes it much easier to clear out. I am sometimes even lucky to find great people to give it to. That feels just great!

My wardrobe is soo much easier to navigat, everything I  pick from it, I love, it fits well and it makes me happy 🙂

Here are some steps to creating your concise wardrobe:

  1. Does it fit?
  2. Does it fit right?
  3. Does the color suit you?
  4. Does the style suit you, your age, personality, career.
  5. Do you have more than 1 of the same exact thing? We really only need the 1.
  6. Do you like it? Has it been getting pushed aside, over and over?
  7. Is it worn? Torn? Faded? (Unless its your sleepwear- faded and worn are great!)
  8. Does it make it happy when you wear it?
  9. Is it flattering?
  10. Is it suitable for your climate? Example- if its a winter coat thats lovely but you may not wear it again ever.

What has helped me to avoid having an overburdened wardrobe, is really understanding my body and my style. This way I only buy the things that are suitable and timeless. Also, not getting carried away with sales, and not buying 2 of the same exact thing.. just becasue.I am also buying clothing in sizes that arent too snug. There is some wiggle room, not too much that it looks baggy, but just enough, for those bloated days.  I think its very flattering to wear clothes that arent super tight.

Thank you..




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