Dressing the apple shaped body.

We see different fashion trends pop up almost every day, now it isn’t always easy to adopt some or most of these trends, as most trends aren’t for everyone, and some fashion houses create style …. just … for the red carpet, as seen here

Photo Credit: Huffington Post

This is why its so useful to understand what works for you, and filling your wardrobe with those classic “you trends” what will forever trend for you.

Here’s a 6 step guide to finding all those flattering pieces for an apple shaped body .

Some general guidelines:



You’re in luck- most of what will work for you is currently on trend and easy to find. They can also be pretty classic and age well if you choose the right colors( such as solids)

  • Keep it easy & and flowy.
  •  V-necklines are extremely flattering as it elongates the body and has a slimming and flattering effect,
  • Try to stay away from form-fitting tops.
  • Loose shirts are great- button ups even better.
  • Stay away from belted tops.
  • Off-shoulder tops are great as well.

Sleeve Length:

  • If you have slim arms-  go with sleeveless or even strapless, halters are great as well. It really shows off your arms and shoulders well.
  • If you are doing longer sleeves- keep the sleeves slim – this will help to balance out your fuller upper body.


2- Layering pieces- Outerwear.

With outer wear, what makes a difference is where the hem line hits your body. With apple shapes- you want your outerwear which can be a vest, cardigan or jacket to reach you at your hip or upper thigh. This will create balance to your finished look.

3- Dresses

Wrap Dress

As with your tops- Sleeveless & strapless dresses are great options. Another #essentialwardrobe piece for you will be wrap dresses. Wrap dresses will create beautiful balance and shape. Great essentials would also be a simple black sheath or shift dress. Loosely belted dresses can be great also- it will define your waist. Empire waist, aslo good.


Empire Waist Dress- Dillards.com

Dress Length:

If you love your legs, and are comfortable showing them off, go ahead wear minis, if not knee lengths will be flattering. Solid colors are always a safe choice.


You are safe with skinny jeans and leggings- The better choice to pair with your flowy tunics and tops. Flared pants/jeans are great as well, the hem line should either hit the floor with high heels or the hemline should reach the top of your heel. This helps to elongate the body if you are shorter.

If you are tall you can do that as well- however you can also wear a shorter length flared pants with flats. Trousers are your best friends! Most style will work for you- ankle lengths and crops are great. Always remember to keep balance- so you would want to mix and match flowy with slim – so flowy tops with slim pants- slim tops with flowy pants.

Flared jeans with floor length hem line- high heels- photo credit glamradar.com
Flared jeans with hem line reaching just  the top of the shoe heel.



  • Trunpet
  • Above the knee flare
  • Printed or solid A-line (with simple solid top)
  • Structured pencil skirt
A-line skirt. Dillards.com
Above the knee flare. Dillards. com
Min above the knee flare. Dillards.com


You can wear all accessories- Bracelets, rings, necklaces. With this you also want to keep balance. So don’t wear a busy top with busy jewelry. If you are wearing a simple black armless top for example- you can wear large earrings with a large bracelet and ring- but you don’t want to wear large earrings, chain bracelet and ring,

Thank you & hats off to you…









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