8 Wardrobe Essentials

There are a few things I strongly believe in .. One of them is that it is worth spending money on certain things and not worth it on other things. Wardrobe essentials are one of the things worth the money…

What are wardrobe essentials?

These are the items of clothing that are key to any wardrobe. They are great pieces in which to create super outfits. They are pieces that would age well so you would have them for a long time. They are those pieces that look great on you, they are tailored for your body, they are flattering and well made to last long. They may or may not cost a lot, but I think its worth it, if it does, because once you find the right fit- you really won’t need 2 or 3 of the same, and they always look good- they aren’t “trending” items.

You would want to pay special attention to take care of them as well, hand washing etc.


#1 Black trousers.

These black trousers should be as simple as possible. No embellishments. I find it easier to work with simple pieces of clothing. Its easier to accessorize and to mix and match with other pieces of clothing.

These pants should suit your body shape/type. They should fit you perfectly. You should be able to dress them up or down. The style would vary for each body type. From ankle length, flared, bootcut, cigarette etc. With regards to the waist, I would suggest keeping it mid to high rise.

#2 Black Blazer

I would try to get a blazer in the same fabric as the black trouser. So really, you should get a matching suit, however, they should be able to be worn separately as well as look great together.

For example: you want to be able to wear your blazer with jeans. So I would try to get a blazer that has a little style to it. Remembering to get one that suits your body shape. With regards to the jacket hem line and where its most flattering for you.

Photos Courtesy: Asos.com


#3 Dark Washed Denim

Bootcut  jeans are universally flattering on all body shapes. I would say bootcut dark washed denim is a must have. A dark was is very slimming, while the flared jeans paired with high heel sis very elongating. It can be dressed up or down, and always has a crisp look to it. Especially paired with the perfect white tee or shirt.



#4 White Shirt

A classic white buttoned down shirt is a must & it goes well with almost anything- with tailored shorts, black pants, dark washed denim, a great skirt.

Photo Courtesy: fashion.huanqiu.com
Photo Courtesy: Glamour
Photo Courtesy: Glamour


#5 A Great Little Black Dress

A great asset to any closet. Choose one thats suits your personality and body type. Select a style that isn’t too trendy, so that its still “instill” years from now. Having little to no embellishments at all helps with this. Instead, rely on your accessories to take the dress into different style directions.

“Think of your LBD as a blank canvas that you can decorate based on your age, frame of mind, or event. Give it a personal touch – a funky brooch, a colorful scarf, a big necklace – to make it uniquely you” Harpers Bazaar

Photo Courtesy: NeimanMarcus.com


#6 Black Pumps

A nice pair of comfortable black pumps, goes with almost anything. Its a classic and will never go out of style. I personally love them in suede 🙂

About the right shoe “the secret ingredient that changes everything” Megan Gustashaw Glamour Magazine.



#7 Flats

“Every fashion lover knows: a great look is built from the ground up—and that starts with a fabulous pair of shoes” Harpers Bazaar


#8 A classic pair of sunglasses 

A great classic shape that suits your face- classic- because it will go with any outfit and it will age well- you can use it over and over again~ Ray-Bans are a great place to start- classic- great price point- classic styles- I especially love tortoise frames- I think they go well with any outfit and with most face shapes and complexions. Wayfarers & Aviators =classic!

Thank you ..Always

Be your best self!


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