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What’s your body shape? Part 1

Hello and welcome back-

It may seem like a simple thing- Body Shape -however, this will be our first step to creating our wardrobe.

Every body shape is different,  and one of the keys to a great wardrobe is understanding your body type and shape. This helps us to understand what body parts we should highlight, and what parts we should… well .. not highlight as much.

This will help us to fill our wardrobe with the most  flattering pieces possible

Keeping in mind, that body shape is just 1 element- there are also other things to consider- such as: body proportions, body variations, personality & skin tone. Once we can solve that puzzle it will help to define “Your” personal style.

What is Style ?

For our first project- let’s consider the images below and try to figure out what our body type/shape.

So here we go:

Image result for body shapes


In my next post, I will give more information about each shape individually, and give you a little more insight into how to clearly define which shape you are.

Please leave any comments or questions that you have below.

Thank you & Hats off to you …



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I am a passionate island girl. Living in Trinidad, a wanderer and learner. Always learning and sharing. I am a wardrobe coach and I enjoy my job 100%. Just decided to use these mediums to share with everyone what I have learnt over the years. On the business side, I do seminars and offer various coaching packages. Thank you for checking me out and following. Really appreciate it! Hats off to you & cheers to being our best .. Vanita

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