What is Style ?


Style… this is something we develop over time. Its personal and its something that becomes you .. It’s forever evolving.. it changes with time, with age and with experience. What we loved when we were in our 20’s, we may frown upon in our thirties… what remains true however is our personal style choices over time how we pick pieces and how we put them together.  Fashion is temporary, its trendy and not for everyone, Its what we do with the fashion, however, that makes it ours.


Photo Cortesy  horoshistka.ru

Here’s a great example of personalization and personal style. Each of these women has interpreted a similar style- striped jacket – in four different ways – and if you notice although its striped, black and white, they each are slightly different from each other with regards to the length of the jackets and the lapels, making it personal to each of their body types & body shape.

stylist 4(3)


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