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Whats your fashion style?

Finding your personal style


Hey everyone,

One of the first steps to creating your ideal “super fabulous” wardrobe is knowing your fashion style.

Has this ever happened to you? Often times most of us has a miss match of items in our closet that doesn’t add up, we stare at our closet filled with things and can’t find a thing to wear!

When you know and understand your style, you would find your wardrobe becoming more precise,and exact. Everything that your wardrobe has would be things that you absolutely love, and pairing things together becomes a no-brainer. How does that sound?

An added bonus: The monetary savings are significant, since you wont find yourself spending money on things that really don’t suit you or your style.

Finding your fashion style: How to

Have a look at these fashion descriptions and images- see which ones most appeal to you..As you will see from the images- there are slight style overlaps- For example- between minimalist & casual, preppy & classic etc.

Don’t feel that you have to commit to just 1… afterall-fashion is meant to be fun. However- the idea here is to minimize our wardrobes and be honest.. be honest with who we truly are, what suits us and our general lifestyle. The way we realistically spend the majortiy of our time.

Maybe you see something new that you would like to try, make a note of that- go out try things on- see how the style works on you. Look at your closet try putting things together differently, Accessorizing differently etc.

Another idea is to find inspiration from a celebrity or someone you admire, or just images from pinterest, pay attention to how they dress and why their style appeals to you. Is it the color of the clothing? The accessories? The fit?

Create a board, pull images from magazines etc.

Eventually you will notice a specific style from them .. a certain color palette a certain silhouette.

Style Inspiration

  • Bohemian
  • Glamorous
  • Edgy
  • Preppy
  • Minimalist
  • Classic
  • Casual
  • Romantic

Bohemian: Very colorful, playful patterns, lace, fringes, flowy, vintage. You like brands such as free people & lucky brand.


Glamorous: Deliberate, StandsOut, Luxurious, Makes a Statement

Edgy:Leather, Studs, Sharp, Bold, Risky


Preppy: Conservative,Think Gossip Girl, Feminine, Pearls, J.Crew, Ralph Lauren, Tommy Hilfiger.


Minimalist: Conservative, Less-Trendy, Classic, Comfy, Easy, Few Colors. Uniqlo, H&M, American Apparel.


Classic: Silk, Linen, Suits,Tailored, Conservative, Classy! Zara,Massimo Dutti, Aritzia.

Casual: Cottons, Loose, Comfy, Flats. Gap, OldNavy, H&M

Romantic: Pretty, Pastels, Frills, Flowers. Ann Taylor, Zara, Bloomingdales, Dillards.


Thank you..Hope you found this useful.

Be your best you..


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Bohemian Kinda Day

Felt like an easy brezzy kinda day- when I think of boho/bohemian style-fashion- I think easy- comfy- loose- tassels-pompom- beads …..



Thank you..

Cheers to your very best ~


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Packing ‘Light & Precise” P2- Luggage

On Buying Luggage:

  1. Look for something that is light weight. This helps a whole lot, not only with ease of transportation, but also with seeing now, how much weight is a factor with airlines.
  2. If you don’t mind the price buy TUMI. It is sturdy light weight and the service from #TUMIluggage is just exceptional. Your purchase comes with a warranty and they do stand by it. Keep your invoice- should the airline loose your luggage its good to have your proof of purchase and price for your claim.

This is what I use – The TUMI V3- worldwide trip packing case-

H: 34   in W: 22  in D: 12.5  in
  • Weight 12.3  lbs
  • Capacity130  L
  • Primary Material Polycarbonate

  1. Get luggage that has 4 dual wheels- its just soo much easier.
  2. Expandable luggage comes in very handy as well- great for when you have bulkier items that wont make the overall weight any heavier. Lets say a bulky lightweight winter jacket for instance.
  3. Look for a color, fabric and or texture that wont look too bad if its gets wet or banged up- which is most likely will get. The great thing about this TUMI luggage is that scratches don’t show up too badly and its easy to wipe and keep clean.
  4. I have actually gotten a really great piece of luggage from Marshall’s its was pretty inexpensive, a great teal color which is easy to detect, its expandable and it has dual wheels as well. So far so good!

***Important Tip***

BE SURE to mark your luggage- Black luggage especially is SUPER SUPER common- you do not want to end up somewhere and have someone else take you luggage and go off on another flight! It will take days or weeks to sort that out.

Here are some ways to do that:

  • A ribbon is the quickest and easiest way- we almost always have some available –
  • A colorful luggage belt-
  • A colorful hand grip-
  • A luggage tag (Also important to have this with your name and phone number on it- if your luggage should get mixed up- they can call you right away)-
  • Fun adhesives- places you’ve been etc. or maybe your initials-
  • If your luggage is made of a fabric that you can sew on- You can maybe try to sew your initials on it or anything that’s unique to you-


Carry-On Luggage:

I also went ahead and got a TUMI carry-on, for all the same reasons I chose my luggage- When I can, I travel with my carry-on and a smaller handbag or tote bag-

For handbag type carry-on’s- Look for:

  • Bags with a zipper, so if you have to put it in the overhead bin nothing spills out.
  • Look out for metal or some type of leg-if you will- (not sure what its called) at the bottom of your bag- this helps to protect the bottom of your lovely bag-when you have to place your bag under the seat in front of you. A little ***tip*** I usually out one the the magazines that you get on the aircraft on the floor and rest my bag on it.


  • Some bags also have a little flap- trolley sleeve- at the back that allows you to slide it into the handle of your suitcase- also very useful.


  • On an aircraft, its a good idea to have a bag that’s easy to get things in and out- so for instance- you don’t want to have to get something out of the inside of a zipped up carry-on or any bag that opens that way- you want a bag that has sections – lightweight- and easy to get in and out of. Here is a fantastic looking one- I see it on pinterest all the time I don’t own one- but it looks really thoughtfully made.



.. Thank you ..




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Packing-“Light & Precise”- P1- The Toiletry Bag


On travel Packing:

It really depends on how you like to travel- light or heavy, and sometimes, more so -it depends a lot on what your airline allows you to take  on a flight i.e luggage weight, amount of pieces allowed etc.. you know what I mean 🙂

Are you an Over-packer? Under-packer?

Over the years my style of travel and packing has gone from over- to under to now becoming a little more precise.

For me I prefer to travel light, however… it depends on where I am going,

If I am going to a city where I will be shopping- I will pack lighter and more versatile for sure- (So I have more space to pack the things I buy) .

If I am doing an island trip or a trip where I don’t expect to do much shopping or any at all- I will pack a bit more, since for sure I don’t want to run out of anything or not have things-

  1. It can be more costly to buy
  2. You may not find it..

So for the next set of  posts I will focus on packing light & precise.

Part 1

Cosmetic & Toiletries

*** Tip***

Save up all of your free samples from sephora or alta etc. to use in your trips. They give tons of great samples- moisturizers, body creams etc. Whats the best to travel with is sample perfume- as perfume bottles can be soo heavy to travel with. I save my samples in a box- so they are easy to find when I need them.




During the year or months before you trip- when you have gotten to 3/4 empty bottles of things like foundation- save it for your travel- this way you can just toss the bottle by the end of your trip.


Try to pack makeup palettes that have the most amount of usable colors- you may be lucky enough to find one that has a blush, eyeshadow & highlighter.

Screenshot-2018-5-14 Backtalk Eye Face Palette - Urban Decay Sephora
Urban Decay- Sephora


Makeup Brushes- I have found a great set of double sided makeup brushes that are actually really good as well- they are from sephora and its 10 brushes in just 5! They are light weight and a good length.



Hair: Call ahead to find out what your hotel has to offer with regards to toiletries, shampoo, hair dryers etc. This way you aren’t packing, lets say, a blow dryer when they have a decent one in every room. (That’s over-packing) I know the hotel shampoo isn’t that great- in this case you think about taking  shampoo and conditioner in a travel sized, squeezable, bottle.


If you are packing light and plan on re-wearing items- pack some laundry detergent in a zip lock bag so you can do some light washing. Orrr you can get travel sized packages like this one ..



Thank you.. Please share your travel tips.. I am always looking ..