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Vacation Outfit

It’s summer time here in Toronto- but I still walk with a jacket. I have found that when it’s hot out the air condition is turned down and it’s colder inside – inside malls restaurants etc. I love a denim jacket. It’s sturdier and just goes well with everything. Also love this cropped style. It’s better for pear shapes.

White I find very easy to wear. Although it might show stains easier – it’s easier to clean. Tip- pack a stain remover.

Shoes: comfy walking shoes are a must. Especially when you’re visiting a city. The worst thing is to be bugged down and dreading to walk about because your feet hurt. While most comfortable shoes in the past weren’t very stylish- now there’s a slew of pretty stylish comfortable shoes. I love these Nike shoes, the material is a light color with a bit of a sparky goldish- silvery threat running through it. Which I find make a bit more stylish and dressy- and they best past is that they are super comfortable. It’s a lightweight mesh material – flyknit is what it’s called.

Thank you ..

Vanita on holiday 😊

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Travel Outfit

The longer the flight, the more comfortable your pants should be! Pull up pants are soo great. I love that they are comfy but can still look cool and classy.

These are my very versatile green pull up pants from #express you’ve seen me post these pants so much in the past month. Love them!

This jacket I was so happy to find at #bloomingdales #bcbggeneration it’s cropped and unlined. Perfect for summer travel and for island life.

Shoes were a splurge. They are Hogan’s from #Tods. They are well made, great support. The color goes well with my wardrobe palette.

Thanks so much.


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Summer whites: OOTD

Accessories and a summer white dress. Yum!

What a difference a belt makes – for this white dress, while I do find the dress to be cute on its own- which is one look. I also found wearing it with a very slim belt give it some dimension and shape.

The shoe: everything else is pretty plain- I also opted for no jewelry – so I let my shoe be my statement piece. It’s colorful and fun and the tied up laces are really cute with this type of length and style of flared dress.

The hat I will wear to beat the heat! It also goes really well with this look. Light and airy- easy breezy.

Thank you…


Keep it classy ~Keep it you

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Mens Fashion

The key is to keep it simple! Simple colors and styles, BUT do splurge on a great fit. Classic pieces that fit well. Keep in mind to dress for your personality and personal style.

Shoes can make or break your outfit-

You dont always need a belt.

Notice the tops that are made for tucking and those that are not.

Your shoe and belt generally should match.

Understand the different cuts in shirts- to know which one suits your body best-

Here are some casual outfits ideas.







Thank you ..


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Plus Size Fashion

Here are some plus size fashion looks that i have put together, Keeping in mind some of the following Do’s


  • For minimizing: Use darker colors. Ex. If you wanted to minimize your hips, use a darker bottomed skirt or pant. Have fun with lighter colored top, if you wanted to minimize your chest area-wear darker colors at the top.
  • Vertical stripes are lengthening, and far more flattering than horizontal stripes, as this tends to be more widening.
  • V-Necks are also great for elongating.
  • Nips and tucks with belts at the waist is great for adding accentuating curves.
  • Jackets and general outerwear that sits below the hip area is a do!
  • Keep it classy, keep it you!
  • Have fun with fashion.
  • Less is more 🙂




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Scarf Styled

Scarves can be so much fun! A great way to spruce up a plain old something .. add a little pizazzzzz

Different sized scarves would work best for different applications, so for expample

A small square will be best to use around your neck, on a hand bag or on the loop of a pant.

Longer rectangular scarves are good for wearing as a belt, as a head tie or losely around your neck-

Here are a few ways I have styled them:




*As a belt






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Jumper Dress


Hiii.. This is my versatile jumper dress- It’s easy to wear and goes well with quite a bit of things. Just like a jumpsuit. 

It’s a great travel piece, especially if you enjoy dresses and skirts over pants. With this one, I like the V-Neck- although I wont wear it alone because of that- it allows to to wear many styles of tops under, and well, V- necks are quite flattering, because it elongates the body- therefore creating a taller slimmer look.. who doesn’t love that! 🙂






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Tea Time & Horses

Had a little tea outing yesterday at a horse farm/garden center, absolutely beautiful. It’s a plant shop, there are stables and they also give riding lessons to kids.

It was my first time there, such a wonderful surprise. The setting was perfect, with lush greenery, lots of flowering plants and fruit trees, the horses were accessible, only reason I didn’t get real up and personal with them was because of the rain that left the ground muddy.. and well i didnt have the right shoe 🙂

It has been over the years, well-kept by owners who absolutely love what they do, and it shows.

I have had this little orange lace dress for a while now, never managed to have the opportunity to wear it. For tea i feel light and airy, lace and florals are appropriate. With my shorter dresses I prefer wearing flat shoes. The only thing I had handy,  were these yellow strappy sandals. Seeing that it was becoming colorful I decided to use my green handbag.

Dress: Dillard’s

Shoe: Old Navy

Handbag: Chanel

Clustered Pearl Earring: Dillard’s